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5 Key Challenges that Angel Investors Face When Investing!

Inc42 spoke to 600+ Angel Investors to share the 5 common key challenges when it comes to investing in startups.

Here's the list, and our way of helping you with each of them.

1. “Don’t feel confident enough when making the investment!”

This could be due to a lack of market knowledge (where startups target), a lack of investment knowledge and processes, or by blindly following the herd mentality/friends (peer pressure of investing in startups that they don't understand.)

  • We can help you to align with the right angel networks/syndicates to learn the game first. Let's connect on LinkedIn.

2. “Don't know how to assess the valuations of these startups?”

3. “Don’t know how to find interesting startups?”

  • Open multiple social media channels to attract deal flow.

  • Check out our deals here.

4. “Don’t have a solid investor network to collaborate with?”

  • We can help you to align with the right angel networks/syndicates to collaborate. Let's connect on LinkedIn.

5. “Not sure if I’m betting on the right founders?”

  • Early-stage investing is more about founder-market fit than product-market fit. This is why assessing the founders & leadership team is critical.

  • Podcast on JasaRodio - Founder-Market Fit (the Why and How?)

  • Article on Product/Market Fit: Why It Matters, and How to Achieve It?

Is anything else bothering you as a Angel Investor?

Comment on this article for help.

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