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7 Mistakes First-time Founders Make!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Dhawal Jain: I burnt over ₹3Cr ($365K) making these 7 "less-talked-about" mistakes and eventually had to shut down the startup.

Putting them out here so that you can take better decisions.


Mistake #1: Raising Early

  • Institutional funding is cash that’s meant to multiply your growth.

  • Raising VC money before PMF is achieved can lead to founders pushing for growth where there isn't any scope.

Mistake #2: Low Salary

  • Founders are optimistic and do not anticipate the downside.

  • Going all in on your startup is great, but statistically, you will fail.

  • So, earn and save enough to keep you afloat.

Mistake #3: Burning Cash

  • You inherently know when to spend and when to not. Trust Your Instincts!

  • Investors want you to spend fast because they need 1 Unicorn out of the 100s they fund.

  • You only have 1 (startup) to run.

Mistake #4: Product Egotism

  • If the product is king, distribution is the kingdom.Without one the other is useless.

  • We all grew up fantasizing about making the next Apple. But you aren't Mr. Jobs, and this ain’t 1976.

  • Distribution is the key!

Mistake #5: Not Delegating

  • Your time isn’t scalable. You alone cannot make everything work.

  • Are you not delegating it because you love doing it?

  • Or because you don't trust others to do it as perfectly as you?

Mistake #6: Hiring Experience

  • You will likely do better with people you vibe with. This isn’t ageism.

  • Do you want ‘experience’ to be shoved up your ass when you ask for results?

  • Or is ‘young & hungry’ a better choice?

Mistake #7: Not Upskilling

  • Creativity works like a faucet. If new goes in, new comes out. or GIGO.

  • Upskilling when you are surrounded by 10 problems is easier said than done.

  • But to be honest, there isn’t any other option.


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