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7 Common Revenue-generating Tactics!

@MentorPass asked if I would take $1,000 per hour to talk with founders who want to pick my brain. Today, I've done 100+ hours of paid calls with founders and marketing teams, around the world.

Here are 7 common revenue-generating tactics that most brands miss:

1. Drive Traffic to the Landing Pages, Instead of the Homepage

Prospecting traffic to your homepage does nothing to educate a customer on WHY you're worth trying/buying.

  • Send traffic to landing pages where you can educate and leverage social proof.

The easiest thing you can do as a brand to drop your customer acquisition cost by 30-40%: Create beautiful landing pages to educate, story tell, and give your consumer a reason to become a part of your brand.

Here are a few examples:

2. Stop Selling, Start Storytelling

When advertising, don't sell "WHAT" you're selling... sell "WHY"

Use your copy and creativity to explain how your product will benefit the end consumer.

Hint is not flavored water. It's a solution to your diet soda addiction.

3. Collect Reviews & Ratings Properly

If you're selling, at all, you should have a reviews widget like @GetOkendo live on your site to collect feedback. Then leverage it properly across Facebook, Google Search/Shopping, and anywhere you're searching for customers.

4. Optimize Your Website Conversion Rate

Whether you built a $100,000 custom site, or you're using a free @Shopify theme, minimize the clicks it takes to convert, while increasing education along the way.

  • More clicks = lower conversion rate.

Website conversion rate is a combination of your product + basic math.

With every extra click, you lose people.

Don’t do what most brands do:

  • Ad > Homepage > Collections > PDP > Cart > Checkout

Instead do this:

  • Ad > Landing Page > Checkout

  • You’ll lower your CPA by 30%.

5. Start Using TikTok

TikTok isn't just for kids! It's a source of insane traffic when you nail it. Whether you post videos that go viral, or you seed products to 60 creators, and 8 go viral, it's easy to acquire customers through the channel. Oh, and TikTok is free.

6. Use the Right DTC Tech Stack

There are so many options for what to use when it comes to any kind of software, many of which will rip you off. Using the right software can look good on your balance sheet, but also make your performance dollars work harder for you.

7. Run Customer Surveys

When you don't know what product to launch next, how to message different use cases for your items, or why churn is sky-high, ask your customers. You can use tools like surveys or go bare-bones and use the Q&A or polls feature on Instagram stories.



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