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Flash Coffee: Lessons from a Fast Rise and Swift Fall.

Source: Peeyush Jain

Flash Coffee, a company that burst onto the scene with great promise, is now facing a difficult chapter. The signs were there, and the collapse, while regrettable, isn't entirely surprising. Flash Coffee embraced its name, racing to expand, yet it missed the mark in building a solid foundation.

Here are a few underlying reasons:

Tech-First vs. Retail-First: Flash Coffee leaned heavily on tech and internet expertise but lacked deep-rooted experience in retail and F&B. Relying on experienced executives for core functions can be risky.

Tech Differentiation: Flash Coffee struggled to differentiate itself in a crowded market, relying heavily on subsidies through food delivery platforms. In contrast, Luckin Coffee was a tech-focused company from the start.

Investor Base: Flash Coffee's investor base lacked notable Asian names, despite operating entirely in Asia. Many sophisticated investors in the region struggled to grasp the company's unique value proposition.

Funding Timing: The timing of Flash Coffee's funding announcements seemed designed to boost investor confidence, but it might not have played out as expected in a challenging funding environment.

Expansion vs. Survival: Flash Coffee continued aggressive expansion despite a deteriorating funding environment. A more prudent approach could have been to focus on cost-cutting, cash conservation, and profitability.

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Vicious Cycle: The company entered a cycle of fundraising that diverted attention from products and operations, leading to further deterioration.

Cultural Sensitivity: The vision to "conquer Asia" in 2021 might not have resonated well with an Asian audience, highlighting the importance of cultural sensitivity.


The rise and fall of Flash Coffee serve as a stark reminder that the journey of a startup is far from straightforward.


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