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How Meesho Improved its Catalogue-Based Discovery Process?

From menus to social media apps; from picking a favourite colour from the rainbow to selecting a dress – the presence of options makes the act of choosing so much more satisfactory, and to make this act more convenient for both its resellers and consumers, Meesho reinvented its catalogue-based discovery.

Reference case study of Meesho

How Meesho Improved its Catalogue-Based Discovery Process?

Over time, Meesho realised that the catalogues given to its resellers were grouped based on the same criteria, which helped build a brand as well as sales.

But, this optimisation for resellers had little to no impact on its end customers, which thus became a big problem to tackle.

In terms of more concrete proof, they observed that the product listing page had 16% fewer end consumers than resellers, which increased to 18% lesser interaction (or ‘Call to Action’) on the product details page.

This meant that although different products in the same category were available, there was no variety which enticed or excited the customers.

Meesho stepped up and brought in some changes using data and competitive analysis to ensure that while the primary focus was on reselling, due importance would be given to the end consumers.

What did they end up doing?

Building a feeling of variety

From ensuring that the layout was customised for each product, like a grid view for clothes and a list view for kitchen appliances, to making it easy to compare across products, they made sure the people never ran out of options to choose from.

Reinventing the catalogue, not discarding it

Since the concept in itself is very useful, a modified version, where comfort, simplicity and ease of access can be ensured was created.

Keeping the consumers close, but the resellers closer

As the intent of Meesho is never to be forgotten, the new version ensured that it engaged end consumers on the platform while making it convenient for the resellers to share and download the catalogues.

Maximising tags and filters

Meesho used this catalogue-based discovery to leverage its ‘Entrusted’ tag, and improve visibility and filter options while reducing friction in the process.

Through this, Meesho understood and built on the behaviour of its resellers while promoting a platform that is now trusted by thousands. And, if you’re curious to see this change, then hop onto the Meesho app for first-hand experience with this catalogue-based discovery.

Hope this was a valuable learning for you!


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