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How to Research Your Idea?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

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How to Research on Your Idea?

[Sources: Andy Areitio, Maitrik Kataria]

Use the below framework to research your idea:

How to Research Your Idea?

Who: Target Users for your idea

What: Problem/Pain Point that your idea would solve (preferably 1 large pain point)

Why: Your unique value proposition i.e. why would users buy your product as against competitors?

Where: Will you distribute your product to reach the targeted users?

How: Will you generate revenues, the cash flow, and achieve profitability?

Which: Stakeholders (vendors, distribution partners) to partner with for the supply chain?

When: will you be able to scale up/achieve growth for your venture?

Another important aspect is to also determine whether your product is a “nice to have” or a “must have.”

A loosely define terms for both is:

  • Nice to have: Good to have one, but may not be a necessity/need.

  • Must have: When your product saves a significant amount of pain/time, money etc., or make customers lives a lot better.

A "must have" product far succeeds than a "nice to have" ones.



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