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How ShareChat used Gamification to Scale User Engagement?

Broadly there are two categories of people who indulge the most in this Chatroom feature:

  1. Creators, who create content on various topics for the consumers to the best of their ability.

  2. Passive Consumers listen to the numerous content creators or consume the content and show their appreciation, likes, and dislikes in the form of virtual gifting.

How ShareChat used Gamification to Scale User Engagement?

For example, a singer who uses the platform to showcase his/her talents is the creator and the ones listening to them are the consumers in this scenario.

Similarly, there are might be people who showcase their talents in story-telling, comedy, and many more on the platform to create a larger fan base.

Octa-Analysis of Sharechat Chatrooms

Octa-Analysis of Sharechat Chatrooms

  1. From a Creator’s point of view, everyone aspires to make it big or create a huge fan base around their content. This pushes them to be better in their talents every day and create more engaging content for their consumers.

  2. In terms of Empowerment, Chatrooms provide a lot of freedom and flexibility to content creators who might customize the theme of the chatroom to their liking or make an avatar that indulges the users more in their content.

  3. In terms of Social Influence, chatrooms possess an inherent trait of competitiveness. Every creator would like their chatrooms to be the most engaging and user-friendly.

    1. This was made possible with the help of virtual gifting and numerous tournaments that are held from time to time in the app.

  4. With regards to Unpredictability, there are gifts and treasure boxes whose content inside is a surprise to everyone in the best possible manner.

    1. There are rewards provided on everyday logins and accomplishment of levels to keep the users more engaged with the app. Components such as the ‘Spin Wheel’ and ‘Game of Chance’ add to this flavor of unpredictability.

  5. In terms of Avoidance, there is always a possibility of slipping into lower tiers due to inactivity.

    1. Users may end up losing the incentives or gifts made available to them if remained inactive for a long time. This boosts the level of engagement further.

  6. From a Scarcity point of view, there are certain gifts and collectibles that are made available only at higher levels. Titles such as VIP become a status symbol for many and adds a sense of pride to them.

    1. This also pushes the creators to make the best content possible to push their levels higher.

  7. Chatrooms come under the banner of Family. There are well-filtered categories of content made available to the users in the app and they are sorted according to the languages, regions, and so on.

    1. There is also an added possibility of tournaments amongst these categories to make things more interesting for the creators and consumers altogether.

  8. In terms of Achievements, there are various badges, gifts, leaderboards, daily steaks and so on that are made available in the app to add a competitive nature to the platform in the best possible manner.

User Interface and Products of Sharechat Chatrooms

Virtual Gifting, Battle Products, Leader Boards, and numerous Tournaments are made available in the app for creators and consumers alike.

Consumers who have been gifting to the best of their ability and showing appreciation to the creators get recognized by the app at the top of the leaderboards from time to time.

In times of festivals and IPL, there are more group discussions and tournaments that can be arranged to increase engagement.

Group Battles and tournaments can be arranged on a daily basis to increase friendliness and interaction among the users of the app.

This was a brief overview of the products and features available in the app and such may be used in different platforms to increase engagement and visibility.

It is essential that the process or features made available may not have a negative impact on the users and that the competitiveness in the platform is in the healthiest manner possible.

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