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How to Signup Angel Investors for Your Syndicate?

180 + Investors in 40 days!

That's the number we curated and on boarded onto the rocket ship of 3to1 Capital to invest with us into startups taking the number to 450 LPs. The majority of these investors were unknown to us.

Source: Amit Mishra 
How to Signup Angel Investors for Your Syndicate?

While the dynamics of getting investors into startups and onto syndicates will vary, the basic principles of relationship building remain the same.

1. Map the Target Audience

We first mapped folks who were already investing in startups making it easier for us to reduce friction by telling them about angel investments.

We even curated them to see the kind of investments they did 2. Follow Up A lot of follow-ups were done to get these folks on call and join us. 3. Setting up Calls We personally spoke to each of them. 4. Home Work Done Right Thanks to LinkedIn, we were able to find a lot about them and found some common connections (college alumni we already knew, ex-colleagues, common friends, interests, etc.) 5. Never Sell on First Calls We clearly went on these calls with the clear intention of knowing these experienced professionals and seeing if they match our thesis of supporting founders. 6. Pitch Perfect We took my own time to build an almost perfect pitch which helped us to onboard almost everyone we spoke to. 7. Listen More and Ask the Right Questions This comes with experience and practice but it always has benefited us, when we listened more and were intuitive about asking questions. 8. It's not only about Money Everyone we spoke to was curated and we also knew their skills and experience. We clearly asked them to help us as resourceful professionals too and not just with people who have money to invest. 9. Offer to Help The clear intention was to get these strangers into friends and the best thing is to offer to help. We got 2 of our LPs to get jobs through network effect within 15 days. The bottom line is to talk to people with a "No Transaction" intent, honestly get to know them and magic will happen.

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