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9 Ways Why Founders Go Off-track!

With the influx of funds and resources, entrepreneurs can get sidetracked and forget their original goals and vision for the company.

Source: Sanjay Gupta 
9 Ways Why Founders Go Off-track!

These days entrepreneurs get a false feeling of success while the media makes them shine with their glorified stories. They get off track due to the following:

  1. Speaking at Conferences, Colleges, and Incubation Centres

  2. Ignore finances & over-reliance on investor funding

  3. Focus on media & PR spends

  4. Posture big as a startup while revenues lag

  5. Start advising other startups & losing sight

  6. Play Santa with the team offsite & goodies

  7. Join clubs, and associations to Show off

  8. Get sidetracked with unnecessary networking & not working

  9. Lose business discipline with poor decision making


It's crucial for entrepreneurs to stay focused on their vision, make smart decisions, and maintain a level of discipline and structure in order to keep their companies on track.

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