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Learnings Shared by a Failed Angel Investor!

Source: Inc42

Ketan (name changed) lost over ₹30 Lacs ($36+K) by committing the most egregious mistakes (covered below) that most emerging angel investors make.

1. Chasing "Sexy" Industries

I was lured by the glamour of trending sectors, neglecting solid opportunities in "boring" industries. This herd mentality led me to invest in over-saturated markets at inflated valuations.

2. FOMO-Driven Investing

Instead of objective decision-making, I was emotionally attached to certain ideas and founders, leading to biased judgements. Other times I invested because other top investors were investing too.

3. Poor Post-Investment Involvement

I was simply throwing cash at startups but didn’t help them with mentorship, networks, and strategic guidance. I was a hands-off investor.

4. No Concrete Plan For Exits

I never had a clear exit plan. My hope was that the startup would eventually do well, so I didn’t help my portfolio companies facilitate M&A, follow-on rounds, or IPOs.

5. Echo Chamber Investing

I relied too heavily on my tight-knit networks leading to group think, causing me to miss diverse perspectives and reinforcing biases in my investment choices.

6. Ego-Driven Decisions

I wanted bragging rights to boost my social status so I could tell my friends that I’ve invested in so many startups, rather than genuinely assessing a startup's potential for success.

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